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Ready to ‘Lose it’? Think losing it to more than one woman is the way to go?

Going to a legal brothel could be the best decision ever, but you need to be HONEST about what you really need. Should you book an experience with multiple ladies to lose your virginity? It really should be a one-on-one experience, and I’ll tell you why! To start, if it's just the two of us, we could go out for a real date, get to know one another, build a connection, and then your first time won't feel like it's with a stranger! We'll actually get to genuinely flirt and have a good time.

Second, and I'll be direct, the first few times you have sex can be a little disorienting physically. You may have trouble finishing, or may finish incredibly fast and may need a while to recompose yourself so we can really lean into learning one another's bodies and giving you some practical experience in the bedroom. Dealing with that when it's just you and me is as simple as running off for a bite to eat with me on your arm and having a fun chat and then coming back for round two... that same scenario can get a little more complicated or even embarrassing when there's more than one person to focus on! Losing your virginity doesn’t just mean hitting that milestone in your life, it’s also an opportunity to learn skills in the bedroom for the next time you’re intimate with someone. Having one-on-one time with the right person means a safe space to learn all about a woman’s body and what to and what not to do the next time you’re naked!

At the end of the day, I want this experience to look like what YOU envision it to be in your head. If you had your heart set on losing your virginity to 2, 3, or even 4 girls at the same time, that could be a quality experience if what you're really looking for out of the experience is just having a dizzying first time. Me? I think what makes your first time so special is that you won't forget it. The next two or three hundred times you have sex in your life, you'll forget most of those encounters; but that first time? That will stick with you. So, you have to decide what you want that memory to be!

Having a threesome or a foursome is a rare enough encounter that even if it's your 500th time having sex you'll remember that time you were with three women no matter what. Since your virginity is going to be memorable for another reason, and it gives you a chance to explore yourself and another person... why not lean into that with me and just enjoy what it's like to be loved for a few hours and have a beautiful woman look into your eyes and hang on your every word? Wouldn't that evening be worth remembering?

I know what I would want, but this is your experience, so you have to decide! It's not important what you choose, as long as what you choose is what you truly think will give you what you want out of this experience knowing that our time together will be indelible in the journal of your memories.

The rest is closing your eyes and taking a Kierkegaardian Leap by picking a date!


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