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A Woman's Perspective…

I would like to start this post by letting you know that this is not one of my usual blog posts, but a review written by a lady after I've spent time with her and her husband. The richness of details of her narrative made be believe that it deserved it's own page and that you would enjoy seeing this experience via a lady's point of view.

"My husband and I have limited our extracurricular activities to the legal Nevada brothels because of testing, discretion, safety, and quality of the ladies. I spend time on websites and boards looking at profiles of potential courtesans. Unfortunately, there are so few reviews written by women and I wanted to hopefully help out another couple in the same position:)

We have had 2 other encounters with courtesans. Our first trip to a legal brothel was amazing. A few years later we saved up for another encounter, this time at a competing brothel. I let my husband pick out the courtesan and do the vetting, which was a HUGE mistake. I found out after our negotiation that the courtesan he chose had only partied with 1 other couple. She was gorgeous but had no couples’ experience. I was basically a spectator, and she was not experienced in making sure everyone was engaged in the encounter. She focused strictly on my husband and I was so emotionally wrecked afterwards. In short, it was 180 degrees away from our first mutually enjoyable encounter.

I didn't want that most recent negative experience to be my lasting memory and was determined to slay that dragon. I spent time looking at the brothel sites when I came up on Olivia Lush. We had considered her in the past, but our trips to the Reno/Sparks area did not align with her tour schedule. Olivia had an article she wrote on her site specifically about working with couples and her approach for engaging everyone, which was so professional and impressive. Here is the link to the blog post on her site

We were planning a trip in early June and found that Olivia would be in town at the same time. I reached out to her on her site and she responded within hours of receiving my email. I highly recommend communicating with your potential courtesan in advance. I promise that it doesn’t take away from the experience but enhances it! Olivia was graciously open to scheduling a phone call with me for me to evaluate whether our personalities would match. During the call I was able to express in advance what we wanted out of the encounter, ask my many questions and exchange our limitations.

Olivia was so kind and non-judgmental during our call. I was so comfortable at the end of our call that I was starting to get excited by the prospect of our time together. She provided me with detailed instructions on how to leave a deposit to book our encounter. The Mustang Ranch has a great deposit policy. If you unexpectedly need to cancel your appointment, the deposit can be applied towards a future visit.

The day before our encounter Olivia sent detailed driving instructions since Google Maps sometimes erroneously misdirects visitors to the Ranch’s older location. In addition, she provided both sets of instructions for entering either through the brothel entrance or through the Wild Horse Saloon. My husband and I wanted to get a few cocktails beforehand, so we got relaxed at the Saloon and chatted with the very nice bartender and some of the other courtesans. As an aside, the Saloon has a pretty good bourbon and whiskey selection without the crazy markup you find in town. Olivia came out early to meet with us. Olivia’s spreads in Playboy capture just part of her beauty. In short, there is absolutely no bait and switch with Olivia. She is very beautiful with tantalizing skin and a voluptuous physique.

I specifically wanted to negotiate the encounter without my husband. The transaction went very smoothly and we brought my husband in for his physical check. She asked me if there were any specific activities that I wanted to indulge in since our initial conversation and I was again able to share them with her with no judgment.

We went to a very nice Spanish VIlla suite to take our body showers while Olivia brought back more cocktails, champagne and music for us to enjoy. The Ranch provides everything you need for the encounter including toiletries, lube and condoms. However, if you have preferences for body gels, lotions, lube or condoms, you should tote those along. The suite had a separate shower stall, while the restroom had both a regular toilet and a bidet for freshening up.

The encounter started very seamlessly and naturally. The whole encounter was beyond amazing. Olivia made sure that we were both involved and that no one was a spectator and covered all the bases we discussed. She is so much sexier in person with a great sense of humor that made us feel like we were catching up with an old friend and not a stranger. Olivia helped my husband and I create a lasting secret for the two of us to share.

The Ranch gave a complimentary meal, which was highly necessary after our three-hour session. The ribeye dinner and club sandwich we ordered exceeded our expectations. Olivia joined us for dinner, and we continued the conversations we started during the encounter. Olivia is an exceptional conversationalist and has so many interesting experiences as a consummate world traveler.

We hope to visit Olivia again soon. If you are a couple looking for a safe, sexy experience with someone who will respect your boundaries look no further than Olivia Lush! " - J & M

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