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One of the best-kept secrets at the Mustang Ranch is that we’re able to leave the property!

Once we book our time together, we’re able to go anywhere in Nevada. We can even fly to Las Vegas together!

Interested in a romantic dinner?


Want to forget about where we first connected and focus on having an adventure?

Think it would be fun to meet somewhere else as if it were the first time and flirt with one another?

Want to get experience dating and get feedback from a real person who can help you be comfortable in your own skin?


Have a convention or event and want to walk in, arm-in-arm with the most beautiful woman in the room?


Let’s make it happen!


Amazing events happen year-round in the Sierra Nevadas and I’d love to look with you at what’s up and coming on the calendar so we can have a blast on our date!


Just ask me about what’s happening in town around the date of your visit and we’ll plan the adventure of a lifetime!

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