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I schedule time in Nevada at the Mustang Ranch so I can focus on finding the right dates for our adventures together and be available to meet in person.

My next tours
 on the property will be from:


July 11th to 21st


August 15th to 25th


September 12th to 22nd

If you write to me and plan ahead, I’m happy to move my schedule around for you, if I’m able. It’s easier to make changes like that to my tour dates with lots of advance notice, so don’t wait until the last minute! We’ll have lots of extra time to plan, connect, and figure out the details of our adventure!

During my stay at the Mustang Ranch, I do my best to be available in the early hours of the afternoon until 10:00 pm. It’s always best to get in touch with me and make sure I’ll be on the property just for you. Reserving a time and date is easy with a small deposit.

Contact me for details! 

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Thank you!

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