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Summer Pool Party

This page was   published as a magazine  article  when I used to write a sexuality related column for STRIPLV Magazine. You can find the column on this link 

Happy Couple said:

 "Olivia was a great host. My wife and I are very grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her. Even though my wife was skeptical, Olivia made sure she enjoyed every minute of our meeting. Thank you, Olivia, for showing us a good time. My wife and I will never forget that night. I highly recommend Olivia for an unforgettable couples night out"


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Couples that experiment together…

Seem to develop a much stronger connection 


I want to make clear that I am not a sex therapist, shrink or any kind of counselor. I am just commenting on things I’ve observed while entertaining couples and helping them find new sensual ways to arouse and satisfy one another.  

I’ve been very fortunate to play with a fair amount of couples in my naughty life. 

Some of them were quite experienced in the adventure of bringing another play partner to their bed, some had gotten their toes slightly wet on strip club visits and wanted to try it for real (why pay a teaser when you can have a pleaser, right?!!?) and others had never done it before and were experiencing a mix of excitement and apprehension for the encounter to come. 


I met lovers that were equally exited and involved in the experience as well as times that the encounter was focused in one of them…The one that was eager to try and experiment something different while the other part was happy to be there and support their enjoyment. 


The important thing is that always both of them where in agreement and pleased with the situation. Boundaries, if any, should be clear and set in advance to avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings. 


I am not advocating for anyone to have a threesome or foursome if it’s not something you are interested and comfortable with. But, If you and your partner are intrigued, excited or even just curious about it, I recommend you choose carefully the lady to introduce you to this new level of enjoyment, fun, excitement and intimacy never before experienced. It most likely will change and enhance your sex life forever. 


There’s something very special about being free to enjoy someone else’s company with your partner, knowing that it will end with your encounter and no trust is damaged or shattered. 


The pleasure you’ll experience during your rendezvous is great, but even greater will be the many times in the future that you’ll remember, sensually revisit that arousing experiment when getting lost in each other’s arms. 


Just remember to always assure that the encounter is confortable, consensual, enjoyable and safe for all parts involved…



It really brightens my day and feels my heart with joy when I receive a thank you note from any of my dear couples mentioning how much closer to each other they feel and how their trust, connection and sex life evolved during and after our visits. Despite all the fun I have in this career (and I have a lot of fun), my main objective is to enhance my clients’ life, put a smile on their face, brighten their day, week, month…To make a difference to the better. 


Give your partner a gift that will last in your memory a lot longer than flowers and chocolate…

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