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Reviews are a great way to relive the delicious moments we shared together. I always enjoy reading them and thinking of you. 

Below you'll find some of the kind words I've received since I started offering my services at The Mustang Ranch

A day with the beautiful Olivia Lush

...We met in the Spanish Suite and I was immediately impressed with how beautiful, fit and sophisticated Olivia was. We spent the day together, including a wonderful special dinner the Chef Jeff and his staff prepared for us. Unfortunately, I was leaving very early the next morning, so I had to get a little sleep. I definitely will be making plans to party with Olivia again and I highly recommend her to other guests at the Ranch.


If you are a couple looking for a safe, sexy experience with someone who will respect your boundaries look no further than Olivia Lush!

I reached out to Olivia and she responded within hours of receiving my email. Olivia was graciously open to scheduling a phone call with me for me to evaluate whether our personalities would match. During the call I was able to express in advance what we wanted out of the encounter, ask my many questions and exchange our limitations. Olivia was so kind and non-judgmental during our call. I was so comfortable at the end of our call that I was starting to get excited by the prospect of our time together. Olivia’s spreads in Playboy capture just part of her beauty. In short, there is absolutely no bait and switch with Olivia. She is very beautiful with tantalizing skin and a voluptuous physique. The encounter started very seamlessly and naturally. The whole encounter was beyond amazing. Olivia made sure that we were both involved and that no one was a spectator and covered all the bases we discussed. She is so much more sexy in person with a great sense of humor that made us feel like we were catching up with an old friend and not a stranger. Olivia helped my husband and I create a lasting secret for the two of us to share. The Ranch gave a complimentary meal, which was highly necessary after our three hour session. Olivia joined us for dinner and we continued the conversations we started during the encounter. Olivia is an exceptional conversationalist and has so many interesting experiences as a consummate world traveler. We hope to visit Olivia again soon. If you are a couple looking for a safe, sexy experience with someone who will respect your boundaries look no further than Olivia Lush!

- J&M

Olivia  conveys so much beauty, passion, elegance and sensitivity

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with Olivia. I was a first timer. I chose Olivia because she conveys so much beauty, passion, elegance and sensitivity through her website and her images. She did not disappoint me. We had a lovely date that included lively fun conversation, a little romantic dancing, some intimate massage and I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Before our date there was a period of several months when we emailed each other. Some of the emails were about logistics, but we also had fun getting to know each other. I love that Olivia is well traveled, well read and has a deep knowledge of human psychology that combines beautifully with her compassion for people. Whether you’re a new guy like me, or you’ve been around the block a few times, I highly recommend spending some time with Olivia.
-Happy New Guy


Olivia is beautiful and passionate beyond belief

On My first visit to the mustang ranch, I had the absolute fortune to meet Olivia Lush. After the tour, a party was negotiated and then an unforgettable experience. Olivia is beautiful and passionate beyond belief. Thank you, Olivia!


I highly recommend Olivia for an unforgettable couples night out

Olivia was a great host. My wife and I are very grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her. Even though my wife was skeptical, Olivia made sure she enjoyed every minute of our meeting. Thank you, Olivia, for showing us a good time. My wife and I will never forget that night. I highly recommend Olivia for an unforgettable couples night out.           -Happy Couple

Lush: sexually attractive, rich, and providing great sensory pleasure.

The description is only a taste of the allure of Olivia Lush. A true Goddess, her natural beauty and pleasant smile caught my eye instantly. We enjoyed a few drinks in the lounge and conversed about our love of travel. Soon we were off to the pool, no clothes required, and continued to enjoy each other’s conversation, while also getting to know each other more intimately. Her figure is beyond captivating and the way she kept her hair up in the pool was simply the visual definition of cuteness. She then took me to the Dungeon where she gave me a masterful instruction on how to be a good boy. I highly recommend Olivia Lush, she will provide you with a date that you will never forget.



We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better

 I was hooked on Olivia after researching her on the internet.  She puts herself out there very well.  Not only her beauty is showcased, but she reveals herself in so many ways.  She has worked hard in many fields and is now very content with what she is doing.  This translates into a very engaging and satisfying experience for anyone lucky enough to hook up with her.  I was one of the lucky ones.  When we met, I found the person I had read about - it was all true and in the flesh and oh what flesh.  We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better.  She will make you feel whole again in case it’s been a while.  Her mind is her best asset, and she enjoys using it to help others.  Not only that, but she loves sex in general not to mention all the other somewhat less traveled roads she is an expert in.  I will be back.


Olivia was an absolute wonder of a woman

Olivia was an absolute wonder of a woman who took the time to approach me and make me feel comfortable while I was very nervous, after a nice long conversation she made sure I was well accommodated and  showed me wonderful time making sure all my needs were met, her personality was fun, and she was sure to find common ground making things far more easy and enjoyable  she made for a 10/10 experience, and I would easily recommend her to any visitors.



She is indeed" an expert in both worlds." 

Read carefully the description she gives of herself and what awaits those who come to know her and spend time with her.  She does indeed provide a safe and very inviting haven.  My time with her went way beyond the basic biological ins and outs. We went from a wonderful round of self-stimulation to numerous positions, to oral and back again.  Then I chose to hand her the reins and let her take over. Don't miss a chance at seeing Olivia with her strap-on in place.  She is indeed" an expert in both worlds."  Look deeply into those eyes and let yourself go.  I did and enjoyed not just the physical release but also the intimacy we all want and need. If you are smart enough and lucky enough to go visit her, ask about her tear of joy.  A moment I will never forget.

And of course, then there was the second night!!!   We went for a wonderful GFE with all the trimmings. Trust her, and you will be rewarded with memories to cherish. She is a wonderful combination of naughty and nice.  My parties reflected that. Olivia Lush is not only beautiful but a true courtesan of the finest kind.  Do not hesitate- Life is too short.   



My outdate with Olivia 

Recently, I had the privilege of going on an outdate with Olivia Lush.  She is so awesome — Caring, sweet, great conversationist, and so sexy.

A few thoughts about outdates. Unexpected stuff can happen on them.  You and your date are in the outside world away from the MR. While Olivia and I had meticulously planned our date’s activities, things don’t always go as planned in the outside world.

All kinds of random things happened on our date. Now, these occurrences are part of the shared history between Olivia and me.  I guarantee we will both remember this date for the rest of our lives. Outdates definitely have a spontaneity associated with them that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.

I can’t wait to spend more time with Olivia.


Two girls’ party 

 I had the opportunity to party with Aubrey and Olivia, and I have to say it was an excellent choice lol the chemistry between these two girls is undeniable! Olivia was very engaged while we were together, and I could tell Aubrey genuinely enjoyed herself. I consider myself very lucky to have met them both.



Happy birthday to me

 I had a lovely few hours with the sexy Olivia and can't wait to come back.

-Bday Joe 


Olivia Lush will make it well worth your time to party with her

 My second party with this wonderful lady was just as good as the first, if not better. Just a great all-around lady, totally sensual Brazilian, Olivia Lush will make it well worth your time to party with her.  Absolutely recommend you take the time to get to know her.



It was the best two hours I have had with a woman ever 

First time at the ranch, when I sat down at the table in the lounge she came up and told me her name and asked me if she could join me, WOW, how could you say no to an exotic beauty such as Olivia, she could tell I was nervous, and put me at ease with her stunning beauty and ease of conversation, we talked for a while, and I knew I wanted to spend more time with her..

We went and discussed how long I wanted to spend with her. We decided we would try two hours for my first time at the ranch. It was the best two hours I have had with a woman ever, she is confident in her womanly abilities, as she should be, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and her backside is to die for, her curves sensual, her smell intoxicating, her taste invigorating making me want more, that was the best GFE I have ever had.  I am definitely coming back to see her again. p.s. plus she has pom’s that makes her #1 in my book


A repeat visit for me with this lovely Brazilian women

A repeat visit for me with this lovely Brazilian women. She is the full package with beauty, intelligence and knowing how to make a man happy. No rush as we had a drink in the club and talked for a long time. Like a girlfriend, I have not seen in a while. And it was like that in the bedroom as well!! She does not disappoint, and I will see her again and again.
-The Cyclist


Had my 3rd party with Olivia on 9-25-18 the day she was leaving. It was outstanding. She is amazing !!!! Fellas go to, and you will see why I plan to see her often. 100% OUTSTANDING !!!! 
-Gary S

Olivia Lush, Brazilian Princess, Queen and Goddess

In my opinion, every Friday night should start off with going to the bar, grabbing a few cold beverages and unwinding while being greeted by a gorgeous lady with a perfect body who wants to do nothing more than make you happy every way possible. You spend time getting to know her and you figure out that there's so much more that makes her gorgeous. She's intelligent, she is funny, she's fun, she's caring, she's a go getter. I found this on Friday night in Olivia Lush. This is a lady with so many life layers to appreciate that I've lost count. Play time with her is incredible but so is time spent with her laughing and talking, 2 people enjoying life, getting the most out of it. There were plenty of times this young lady put a smile on my face in the parlor or the bedroom.
Speaking of the bedroom, getting to unwrap the clothing off of perfection was mesmerizing. Her musical choice was extrememly seductive. Doing a lot of things with this charmer who has perfected her craft has made me yearn for more. As a matter of fact, we had a sequel which was just as good as the first time. She made a lot more than my smile very happy. I'll be repeating with this young lady everytime our dates there align.
Ms. Olivia, thank you for much for an amazing experience I'll never forget. I can never tell you enough how great of a person you are. I don't think the smile on my face left during every second I spent with you. You ROCKED my world!  

Still getting the tingles

Ms. Olivia, thank you so much for helping to complete my awakening out at the ranch. Wonderful conversationalist, sense of humor, and heart of gold. All that coupled with that exotic body! Still getting the tingles. Loved all the music and talk! Thank you so much for letting me open up to you honey. If our paths don't ever cross again, know that I'll be thinking of moonlight dips under Mars!
-Gary G


What can I say!! FANTASTIC LADY!! Absolutely Beautiful!! Big dark brown eyes and an outstanding body--- that she knows will drive you crazy. Great personality and sense of humor. Saw her Tues. 8-23-18 and will drive three hours to see her before she leaves Tues. 8-28-18. Thank you, Olivia, for a wonderful time.
-Gary S

I had the most amazing night with this woman 

I had the most amazing night with this woman. It was the night of hot passion words don't do justice, but I can tell you one thing I'll never go back to white women again!  

Guys, if you haven't met this lady, she needs to go on your short list. Now.
I just had a party with her, and it was a completely mind blowing experience. Reading some of her posts here, I thought had some idea what to expect: the "Organic GFE". Sounds like a simple idea.
I actually arrived there just as her shift was starting, so we sat and talked a few minutes while I unwound after the drive up there. Soon enough, off we went to get down to business. With some give and take, we soon reached an agreement, took care of all necessary business, and off to the Asian Suite we go.
What happens at Exit 28 stays at Exit 28, but suffice it to say that I had an incredible time. She really knows how to treat a guy and make him feel good, and I think she enjoyed it as much as I do. It's always great to meet a lady who has her heart in what she's doing: it makes for a better experience for both her and me.
We definitely enjoyed each other's company, but as is always the way, all good things come to an end. Returning to the bar, I had a delicious meal, after that party I sure needed some sort of sustenance.
Definitely a good fun party, I would highly recommend this lady to anyone looking for a GFE with a little bit "extra".

Best time in many years!

Best time in many years. Olivia is one special lady who is not only awesome to look at, she feels fantastic. I wish I could keep her for my own, but that would deprive all the other guys a truly magical experience. She is highly intelligent as well and can converse on most any subject. I can only hope she gets as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the men as she delivers, which to me is just as important as receiving pleasure.
Until we meet again.
-Rick M- Canada

She is indeed a Brazilian beauty 

During the recent CWMC festivities I had the pleasure of partying with Olivia. She is indeed a Brazilian beauty. She is very beautiful and has a great body. We had a great time together at the ranch. I am glad to hear that she will be returning to the ranch in the future. I hope I get a chance to spend more quality time with this beautiful lady, I highly recommend her...

Olivia Lush is a true Latin lover

Olivia Lush is a true Latin lover! She is sensual and beautiful. She knows how to make a man feel special. She is the combination of intelligence and beauty. And her ass is to die for. I will repeat as soon as I can! Thank You.
-The Cyclist 

Olivia is a dream

Olivia is a dream. Gorgeous, sweet and very easy to talk to. I was very nervous when I arrived. Olivia took me on a tour of the grounds, and we just talked. By the time the tour was complete, she made me feel very comfortable. Her pictures on the website are stunning but pale in comparison to meeting her in person. I cannot wait to return and book some more time with you, Olivia! 

Oh my God!

Oh my God! Olivia's body is banging. She took care of me so good. She did all the work and really left me satisfied with a huge grin on my face. Thank you so much Olivia. I Can't wait to see you again!

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