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Role-play: Put your guard down and let your imagination go wild

Kids role-play all the time. Their imagination has not been censored yet and has no limits. They role play with their friends while pretending to be mother and daughter, playing house, getting married , being in a tea party, the king and queen with their ladies in waiting, cowboys, humans being attacked by extraterrestrials Orr any other scenario that their imagination presents

When we grow older our imagination is limited and censored by society, other people’s ideas of what is “normal” and acceptable and ours as well as others judgment.

We are all under enough pressure from everyday stress to also be censored and limited on our pleasure time.

Role-playing is a way to safely experience our wild side, on a nonjudgmental environment, release a lot of stress and mostly have great pleasure and fun in the process.

During our playtime, we are not just ourselves, but whoever we wish to be.

As long as all partners are of legal age in real life and in agreement with what the scenario is, role-playing can be extremely healthy, freeing, fun and pleasurable.

While in character, many times people feel free to experiment things that otherwise they wouldn’t be comfortable doing because during role play it’s their character that is doing all those “naughty acts”, not themselves.

The most fun of role playing is to let your imagination go wild and really let go of your limitations, immersing yourself in adventures from innocent stories to permitting yourself to explore and enjoy your deepest desires.

It’s like being in a guilty free zone where you can experiment the things that otherwise you wouldn’t dare doing.

Role play is a popular fetish and I quite frequently get requests for such parties at the Mustang Ranch, the legal brothel where I provide services. I am very fortunate to work in an establishment where I can help my clients explore their fantasies in a safe, consensual, discreet and legal environment.

Some popular role-play ideas that are quite enjoyable and might tickle your fancy are:

-Teacher and naughty student

-Strangers in the night…. meeting at the Wild Horse Salon

-Realtor showing an empty house and doing his/her best to sell it

-Boss and secretary

-Professional athlete and trainer

-Your favorite movie stars

-Your personal harem… Have as many beauties as you want to pamper and pleasure you (yes, I have many sexy friends and we love playing together)

-Job interview (what would you do for that dream job?)

-You, your wife and her sister/ best friend (taboo role-play can be quite fun and I am happy to bring a friend along)

-It’s raining outside and your or the lady(ies) car broke

- The naughty nurse Olivia giving you a complete exam

-Sex therapist

-The French maid (I am Brazilian but can impersonate a very cute French maid)

-Mistress and slave (yes, I love and excel in the art of Sensual Domination)

-Police and traffic violation…How far would you or her go to get rid of a traffic ticket?

Do you have other delicious role-play ideas? Let me know…I love exploring my sensuality in new scenarios and giving life to your deepest fantasies gives me extreme pleasure


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