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Beyond the Obvious

What most men really look for when contacting a companion?

When asked this question many people will think that all that men want from professional companions is one thing and one thing only: sex.

What I’ve observed on my years working as a professional companion is very different. Although I am obviously not going to deny that some men come indeed only looking for a sexual release, many of them have a much deeper need for intimacy, freedom to explore sexual options that they can’t have at home, need to be understood, and sometimes even just need of a friend or human contact without judgement.

Everybody has needs and they should be met in a legal and safe place where they will be respected, feel loved and validated and will be able to be themselves without worrying about being judged by society or anyone else.

Lack of intimacy in life can be very hard and unfortunately, some people have difficulty fulfiling that void in their personal lives

The idea that clients are always men that couldn’t get a lady by themselves, so they have to pay for it is also a common misconception. Clients come in all shapes, sizes, races, ages, religion, colors, backgrounds and needs. From the busy workaholic that doesn’t have time for a relationship, to the shy guy that is learning his way with the ladies, we can’t forget the widower, the man that simply does not want a relationship, to someone that wants an extra something to spice up his love life, the weekend adventurer, the vacation memory, someone that just came out of a long relationship and the list would go on and on…

Some of my regular clients seek a no strings attached affair with the intimacy of a close relationship. Who said they can’t have their cake and eat it too? Time spent with me leave them feeling loved, satisfied and sensually touched in all the right places.

Shorter dates are fun but they can never compare to the connection and chemistry built on longer encounters and some of my clients choose to spend several days and even as long as an entire week with me.

In case anyone is wondering, we do not have sex nonstop for several days or an entire week because that’s obviously not the point on spending this much time together. We truly enjoy each other’s company going out for dinner, theater, concerts, couples’ massage, sharing meals and giggles, taking bubble baths, watching movies, talking to each other, sleeping and waking up together and also having sex.

This is the whole package. The real girlfriend experience where they get all the fun parts without having to call or text me the next day or endure the everyday discussions hiding what they would consider to be their flaws or intimate desires from me.

Legal professional companions are a breath of fresh air for the discerning gentlemen looking for something beyond the obvious. Although the pleasures of the flesh are a given, the flirting of the minds can make the encounter so much more stimulating.


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