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A Guide To Sensual Domination

Looking to give up control to someone you trust?

The right person with the right training might be just what you're looking for.

As an adult sex educator and event presenter, I know just how intimidating it can be looking for the right person. I also know how intimidating it can be to not feel capable of talking about what you really want.

Did you know you can develop a sexual attraction for feet because of how close the part of the brain that deals with physical sensations in the feet is to the arousal center of the brain?

Did you know a fetish that you might consider weird or be fearful to share with a new partner because of how they might react is actually completely normal and probably comes from a healthy desire to process trauma or your life experiences?

Understanding these topics and more has given me so much more relaxed confidence in sharing what makes me smile, and that's a freedom you can experience for yourself!

As a person who enjoys taking control safely, behind closed doors, I've learned that taking control can be exhilarating and satisfying, just as satisfying as it is to surrender that control.

I understand all of the important dynamics that go into entering a power dynamic in the bedroom, the right way to explore the feelings safely, and how to help you find the peace of surrender.

Don't top from the bottom ever again! Find someone who understands why you want to surrender and is willing to ask the right questions.

Whether you're looking to safely experience a little pain, process your own ego with a little playful humiliation, or want your very first experience being pegged, the intimidation of learning to ask for what you need can keep many people from speaking up. Gender roles and social stigma can be crushing for someone who doesn't know how the world will react.

You can be confident with me.

Write to me today and tell me how I can help you discover more of yourself!


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