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69 With Olivia Lush

I know what you are thinking, but although this is not that kind of 69, I believe you’ll enjoy getting to know little curiosities about me…and yes, it will include some very naughty ones

1- I was 17 years old when I lost my virginity

2- My first boyfriend was 15 years my senior and we stayed together for 3 years

3- I had a swinger’s phase in my early 20’s but now I am an old fashioned girl, so despite loving my job and clients, on my personal life I don’t do one night stands.

4- I am sapiosexual, so an intelligent conversation is extremely stimulating for me. That’s probably why I enjoy longer dates so much.

5- I am a mix of Brazilian and European. That explains my confusion when people ask me if I am Latina or Caucasian…My reply is that I am Fabulous…LOL

6- My first travel outside Brazil was to the USA, where I’ve spent a month in Manhattan and had the time of my life

7- Despite believing that tattoos can be very artistic, I don’t have any because I know I couldn’t stand the pain.

8- Besides my ears, the only other place I have pierced is my navel. I think it’s such a sexy area to have jewelry.

9- I absolutely love sex and can be quite insatiable.

10- . I’ve been engaged twice but decided that although they were the right guys, they were not the right guys for me

11- I have a moderate fear of heights; I’ve gone skydiving twice and loved it. I am always up for a helicopter ride and the view from high floors and penthouses don’t scare me but I absolutely can’t stand parasailing and rock or bridge climbing.

12- I am the middle child and only female

13- My 5 to 10 years plan is to live somewhere by the beach. I really like Miami Beach and would love to have a house there but I am not sure if I am prepared for all those hurricanes.

14- I love dogs with all my heart but I am not really a cat person. I don’t dislike them, but don’t feel compelled to bring them home with me.

15- My favorite sexual positions are woman on top and reverse cowgirl.

16- My all time favorite sex toy is called Celebrator and looks like an electric toothbrush. In my personal opinion it’s way better than the Magic Wand.

17- I ‘ve specialized in the best sweet girlfriend encounter for many years but I've also discovered how arousing certain fetishes can be. Besides being a super sweet temporary girlfriend, I also love to engage in Sensual Domination, the girlfriend with a kinky twist. I bet that you are wondering how well I can separate the 2 experiences; the answer is pretty well. If what you want is sweet & sensual Olivia, my fetishist side stays locked at home. But if you want to play in the darker side…be ready for a wild ride.

18- I have absolutely no problem with Taboo role-play. My opinion is that as long as all parts involved are of legal age in real life and all interaction is consensual, have all the fun you want and let our imagination go wild.

19- I never enjoyed going to the gym just as an obligation, so for a couple of years during college, I attended a circus school learning floor acrobatics and trapeze. Now leaving in Vegas I frequently look for fun ways to exercise (besides my favorite one- in the bedroom). I’ve taken classes from pole dancing to kickboxing.

20- I worked as a fire eater at special events for a year when I was 18 years old (yes, I picket that up at the circus school)

21- Giving back is very important for me so I make regular donations to non-profit organizations and really love when my clients decide to do the same.

22- I love men but also really enjoy playing with sexy ladies. Although I wouldn’t date a girl full time, having one, two or even more ladies joining our bed is extremely stimulating and pleasurable….

23- I had a part in a Brazilian soap opera, and was featured in some TV commercials and magazines

24- I absolutely love ice cream

25- I love fruits. My favorite ones are mangos, yellow cherries, Lychees and watermelon. I don’t care for apples.

26- I can never say no to fresh oysters and chilled champagne

27- Once on a multiday booking, after some upscale meals I asked my date if he would like to stop by In & Out for some Double Doubles protein style & French fries. He absolutely loved the idea

28- Fancy events and venues are great but I also absolutely love a Netflix & Chill night were we choose a movie, get some popcorn, (yes, I can get us popcorn at the ranch) cuddle and get lost in each other’s arms

29- Did I mention how much I love popcorn?

30- I don’t like spicy food (that’s correct, not all Brazilians do)

31- One of my very favorite places in the world is Rio de Janeiro. If I happen to go to Brazil and can’t visit Rio, it doesn’t feel like I was really there.

32- My mum thought me that a lady always has her nails done and a subtle splash of perfume, so I always have a fresh many & pedi and a delicious but discreet scent

33- I am a foodie and trying new dishes truly delights me (Please don’t confuse it with being a snob. I enjoy from high end experiences to a good food truck)

34- I was an exotic dancer for few years before becoming a courtesan and loved it.

35- I am fascinated by the human body and truly enjoy going to strip clubs with my friends and clients.

36- Red is my favorite color

37- I absolutely adore Frank Sinatra and many times use his songs during romantic play time

38- My favorite kind of concerts are Latin pop artist ones as Shakira and Pitbull

39- I spent 21 days in Cuba on my own years ago and had the time of my life

40- I love salsa dancing and that passion is what took me to Cuba .

41- Yes, I have the famous Brazilian derriere

42- I once had dinner with the lady that inspired the song “The Girl From Ipanema”.

43- When I was 19 years old I had my (real) name in an article on the New York Times about a theater Play I was part of.

44- Although I enjoy singing by myself, I am absolutely terrified of doing so in public and Karaoke bars are not my scene at all.

45- Pegging is so much fun!

46- I love kissing…it makes our encounters so much more special

47- I usually sunbathe topless but wear a thong because I love the tinny tan marks on my derriere

48- I used to model at foot worship parties and truly enjoy having my feet massaged, kissed, licked…yes, the rumor is that I have very talented feet.

49- There’s something about taking baths together that is extremely arousing to me. Our bodies together in the warm water, kissing and playing with each other is a great warm up for round 2, 3 or 4…

50- I’ve never gone skiing in my life and would love to try it!

51- Although I can be quite spontaneous, I appreciated planning things in advance and savor the building anticipation – What can I say, I am a Capricorn!

52- Massages absolutely recharge my energies. I try to have them few times a month. Sharing a spa day with the right company is such a blessing.

53- I adore making love by a fireplace

54- I enjoy looking in my lover’s eyes while having sex…specially when taking special care of the jewels. Yes, I actually enjoy the activities down south.

55- I don’t really care for long drives and travel by plane whenever possible.

56- I am obsessed with the idea of taking an African safari. I’ve heard that Four Seasons have some amazing safari lodges.

57- I drink almost a gallon of water a day

58- I am a truly sun worshiper that is always happy by the beach or pool

59- Brunch outdates are so much fun and a great way to start the day with delicious food, drinks and exquisite dessert

60- I am not a licensed masseuse, but I’ve heard that I give a pretty good exotic backrub

61- I am naturally a brunette but was as a redhead for many years and currently wear my hair blonde. I like changing my hair from time to time.

62- I love Swiss chocolate but I am trilled that Kopenhagen, my very favorite Brazilian chocolate, is finally available in the US !

63- Although Champagne and Wine are my drinks of choice, I really enjoy a cold beer on a hot day by the pool or beach. It’s so refreshing.

64- I don’t care what the color of your skin is, your race, nationality, religious believes, sexual orientation. What I care is how you treat others and me. If you are a gentleman, I’ll treat you like a king and make you feel the most important man in the world.

65- I cry watching movies. I am pretty sure that people siting by my side on airplanes many times wonder what horrible things happened for me to be quietly sobbing with my headphones on staring at the small screen

66- I would love to learn how to dance tango.

67- I used to love horror movies until when I was a teenager. Nowadays I can’t stand them and have nightmares for days if I actually watch one.

68- I love movies, so if you invite me to watch one, we’ll get busy before or after it, but during the movie, I’ll actually want to watch it. I found out that there’s a drive-in movie theater in Sparks and would love to check it out in great company.

69- Two of my favorite movies are Rocky Horror Picture Show and Street Car Named Desire (I usually have both in DVD at the ranch)

WOW! That was quite a 69! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did


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