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Virtual Packages are great options when

in-person encounters are not possible, to get to know each other better before our first date or to keep in touch between encounters.

Such packages are available  on periods when I am not on tour at The Mustang Ranch


Text packages:

Up to 30 minutes of text  at a pre-arranged time 

Social text $100

Naughty text $150


Phone or Video Chat ( Skype ) : Looking into each other’s eyes and talking about our day, and getting to know each other better while in different locations:

Social (and fully dressed) where we talk about daily life subjects, like we would in a bar or restaurant date -like favorite music, movies, vacation spots, we can even have a glass of wine or cup of coffee while having a relaxing chat

$300 for 20 minutes

Emails : You would love to tell me about your day, what's going on in your life between appointments, know about my preferences outside of the ranch (movies, vacation spots, etc) to create better chemistry and more familiarity. It would be wonderful to exchange many emails before we actually meet but due to a busy professional and personal schedule, I have time to send only a few messages a week and those are reserved for emails referent to bookings in the near future or reservations that already have a deposit on. 

Email conversations that are not ref. to booking a specific date in the near future are $50 each and replied within 48 hours

I look forward to our conversations! 

All virtual packages are paid in advance via Amazon gift card 

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