Virtual Packages are great options when

in-person encounters are not possible, to get to know each other better before our first date or to keep in touch between encounters.

Such packages are available  on periods when I am not on tour at The Mustang Ranch


Text packages:

20 minutes of text daily at a pre-arranged time for 7 consecutive days. Package includes one

non-published candid selfie on the first day of the package.

Social text $150

Naughty text $200


Video chat ( Skype ) : Looking into each other’s eyes and talking about our day, and getting to know each other better while in different locations:

Social (and fully dressed)where we talk about daily life subjects, like we would in a bar or restaurant date -like favorite music, movies, we can even have a glass of wine or cup of coffee while having a relaxing chat

$200 for 20 minutes

Let’s get Naughty sexy attire, lingerie (and nudity optional) sexy subjects, sex talk and things can get quite hot . This is an option only available for regular clients and other select clients I've already spent sexy time with. Unless you are a regular client (meaning we see each other at least 2-3 times a year) this option requires standard screening that an escort would require for a date so I can refresh my memory of exactly who you are . This measure is to minimize videos leaking on the internet, what I believe you understand. $300 for 20 minutes